March 29, 2016

Creation’s Cross

Custom and
Convention Cloud
Creation – so


Contrive to

Plato said he could understand children who feared the dark but not adults who feared the light.
Truth is the light we are feared of most, so we clothe ourselves in customs and we hide eternal truths in taboos to keep us in darkness for fear of thinking about ageless difficulties or questioning the status-quo.  Creation through thought opens the possibilities of tomorrow’s world in a new light. Creation is a quest for new truths to replace those of yesterday so is a challenge to our pride in a world and us, so we weave conventions to hide them.  We prefer the calm of hiding from ourselves so we cloud the creative process with disparagement to suppress it so tomorrow shall always be today.
Thomas Jefferson said ‘Freedom is a  stormy sea timid men  prefer the calm of despotism’ – the despotism of custom laid on us by others to subjugate the mind to their wills.  The freedom which represents clear thought unfettered by the past is their enemy so the objectivity which demonstrates the truth is shunned. Thus is intolerance and repression perpetuated and thus is the natural creativity  we chose when ‘ We Ate of The Fruit’ set at nought so we fester in a mud of myth heaped upon us to keep us down – by whom? – by us ourselves.  Therefore let us use WHY?  with WHY NOT? as the whetstones of our scrutiny of the myths of yesterday while throwing back NO and YOU CAN’T in the faces of those who would chain us with taboos into the past.  In efforts to be absolute ‘priests’ have generated their dictats to us as spoken by God  – but we forget the most extensive revolutionary ever was Jesus who upset every convention and custom of his day to teach the ‘revolutionary’ truth of his New Testament   –  if the world is to be habitable we must ‘Love one another’.   It is ‘priests’ purporting to be his teachers the ‘priests of churches’, themselves unable to face the light of Christ’s teaching in their practical everyday so who, to prevent the exposure of their own failures, would rule our minds and actions; it is they who have interpreted those teachings to turn them into the chains of imprisonment.
If we are to be truly free we must be free in mind to rise above the ‘Clouds of Unknowing’, break the shackles of  convention, the taboos, the customs, the ‘you can’t do thats’, the ‘oh it has always been that ways’ the ‘Not Invented heres’ the ‘oh that’s not rights’ handed down for centuries – so ascend into the clear blue light of vision where the only constraint is ‘render no man evil so keep peace with thy neighbour’.  (The first of these ‘Grains of Sand’ I wrote some 20 years ago after a sermon by ‘my’ Vicar to whom I was a Churchwarden)

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