Terrorism: ‘The employment by government of methods of intimidation’ O.E.D

Corpus Juris, the basis of EU law, is the Justinian law of The Roman Empire which, being a slave society, considered its people to be Vassals of The State; therefore guilty until they could prove their innocence as tried by The State.   Anglo Saxon law, being based on the tribal principle of equality within the tribe, considered all within the tribe to be Free People, owing allegiance (for tribal cohesion) to a ‘King’ and judged innocent until proved guilty by a panel of their peers (The Jury).  In the tribal society which formed England from the Eastern tribal incursions ‘Kings’ lead (indeed were chosen because they could lead), they did not dictate.

This latter principle of freedom (rather than slavery), originally codified by Alfred as ‘Compurgation’, was recognised by Henry II to be the self-energising strength of the people he had conquered, so he codified it formally by recognising the inalienable rights of ‘The Customs & Freedoms of The People’ as opposed to The Rule of Princes  – whose failures he well recognised for he ruling huge areas of France under Papal principles.  It was these inalienable Customs & Freedoms which his erstwhile secretary Becket (whom he had promoted to archbishop) tried to subvert by seeking to bring England under the Papal Rule of The Church derived from Rome which caused Henry to ask of the sky, ‘who will rid me of this turbulent priest’  –  because Becket was a traitor  –  not only to his sovereign leige-lord but to The English People, whom he was seeking to have ruled by Roman Justinian Law  – to turn England a vassal of Rome  – and therefore himself as its Viceregent in England.

Let us be clear about this, one system is not better than another (as I had a flaccid Brexit chief suggest to me) they are wholly opposed from their founding principles to lead to totally different attitudes and methods in the people espousing their practice, because;

The EU’s Corpus Juris is the signature of slavery, England’s Trial by Jury (used to be) The Foundation of Freedom, because now;

We are in exactly the position we would have been had Henry not prevented Becket having his way  – slaves of ‘Rome’ because when we signed The Treaty of Rome we gave away those Customs & Freedoms to a foreign tyranny –  to change absolutely the way we are governed  – because of the way government thinks of us.   Post EU our governance is implimented by the ENFORCEMENT which has become the Institutional Imperative of every sort of Authority to bring ‘authoritarian’ centre stage in our lives.  At 74 I am well able to know the difference as I was sentient enough to have established my own design and manufacturing engineering Company before 1972;  those under 60 can have no notion whatever of what Freedom then actually meant  – it meant;

1    Government, in all its forms, considered itself, and worked with the attitude of, being servants of The People  – Public Servants in place to facilitate.   It’s ‘hand’ was a astonishingly light, because (as Henry II had discovered) believing The People knew their business best and could be relied upon to manage it properly  –  so Freedom flourished.

2    Justice was then considered, as it had been since Alfred (finally ratified by The Bill of Rights in 1688), the proper business of The People (The Jury).  Indeed at many significant times in our history Juries have overturned Bad Law to prevent the oppression of ‘Princes’,   but now;

The oligarchic anarchy of The Government Agencies (myriads and hydra-like), with The Agencies of  The Justice System, now spread their draconian imperatives into every aspect of our lives ENFORCING  – which is now the dominant word on all their paperwork with £1,000 fines administered at the tick of a box  – while The Police have become State Enforcers.  I know as I have been in the intractable toils of The Police (attending my house with guns), The Magistrates (levying huge entirely disproportionate fines), The CPS, The Enforcement Agencies and The DVLA who have all relentlessly pursued me over the last two years (for a tiny speeding fine) with no possible redress whatever   –  as there is not supposed to be  – I do not joke in any way.   None of this would have been remotely conceivable 40 years ago.

It is the dictatorial imperatives of The EU System which has so utterly changed our state from Freedom to Slavery, because changing the attitude of those in ‘Government’ they are no longer our servants but, considering us ‘Vassals of The State’, here to be dictated to.  We have never been less Free in our history because ‘government’ has never been so oppressive.

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