Though now a writer under various pseudonyms – Amos Midwinter; The Lady Aphrodite; and Margaret Montrose, I was trained as a Mechanical Design Engineer and ran my own manufacturing company for thirty years making my own award winning designs.

During that time I lead a number of major, successful, Pro-Bono campaigns, chaired a wide range of Associations and Organisations and stood for Parliament on an anti-Eu ticket creating my own publicity. At this stage I began to write ‘The Alliterative Aphorisms’ (‘The Grains of Sand’) a unique literary form to encapsulate my ever widening humanitarian understandings.

Serious writing began with ‘An Old Morality for a New Revolution’ from which I was asked to write ‘Six Essays for Freedom’ and ‘The Sepses of Socialism’ to which I added ‘The Pilgrimage of Skills’ as a personal encomium on the place of Skill as a Spiritual and practical emancipator – all available on www.amosmidwinter.co.uk

There followed an ongoing series of Short Stories as well as a quantity of Verse. Distressed by the low level of writing I found accessing the US ‘Indie’ market I wrote ‘How I write Romance & Editing and The Craft of Words’. During this latter phase the first few chapters of what became ‘Crocuses & Blackbirds’ burst upon me to have a steadily widening group of characters lead me onwards to show me the elements of ‘The Golden Path’. This story gave me the tool to ‘say what I wanted to say’ through the Romance of people. It has become an enormous, perhaps unique, literary enterprise which carries me on it’s ever surging wave – as I hope it will those who join me. ‘Miss Julie’ who starts out as ‘The Streetwise Tart’ marries ‘Mr High-Art’ in a huge wedding at the end of Book 1 (of 5) to become The Saint who leads her Cathedral City – with us – down the ultimate romance of all of Man Triumphant as he travels ‘The Golden Path’.

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