Book Two – Part 6 – ‘Resurrection’


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The works of ‘Miss Megachick’ (Julie) continue to fertilise and drive all the various actions which now flood everywhere joining UP to Down in a common Journey, while Romance flowers yet again in The Close – with a nude display of High Art. The Final Dean Discussion arrives at very ancient answers to ‘The Problems of Today’ which have plagued Man for 3,000 years to show eternal truths out of the murk priests have wound round them for so long – to give our team ‘tools’ to create the basis of the Paradise David & Julie found in Ireland. This is the first time such a ‘philosophical/practical’ journey through The Human Condition has been entertained by a working design engineer (as opposed to the hoards of philosophers) – so its answers are unique, highly creative and true – for not having sought to impress any ‘religion’ ‘god’ nor ideology so provide an entirely un-caged working tool.

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